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985 years MOJO CLUB formed. Debut 1987 “Let’s BACK”.
Major debut in 1989 Toshiba EMI, activity as the same year undercover band Timers.
After MOJO CLUB disbanded, along with to start a solo career, kiyoshiro imawano, reichi nakaido, Kimura Takashi揮, THE HIGH-LOWS, Kazuyoshi Saito, Ulfuls, Chosei … like Ishida, while deepening exchanges with various artists live carry out the activity.
Hit in 2007 debut 20 anniversary, it released a commemorative album reached the number of guest, do a commemorative live at Shibuya AX at the same time.
In addition, the activities as a band master at kiyoshiro imawano & NICE MIDDLE with NEW BLUEDAY HORNS.
Also worked on the music of the band, it has also performed live in Seiryokuteki also in solo activities at the same time.

· MOJO CLUB formation
Single “Let’s BACK” indie debut at (MOJO CLUB)
Album “A-LIVE” (MOJO CLUB) release
Single “Buginaito” (MOJO CLUB / Shinji Miyake, Hiroaki Tanizaki, Sugiyama Shojimaru) debut from Toshiba EMI in
even activities as-masked band Timers
Album “social rehabilitation”, “homesick”
single “summer you came down.” [Pocari Sweat CM song]
, “SAD SONG” (MOJO CLUB) release from Toshiba EMI
“even standing can have” video (MOJO CLUB ) release
· SMI (S: Fuyumi Sakamoto, M: Shinji Miyake, I: kiyoshiro imawano) live implemented as formed SMI
Album “GAME” single “Midsummer GOOD TIMES ROLL” (MOJO CLUB) release from Toshiba EMI
Single “Hashire train” (MOJO CLUB) release [JR Kyushu CM song] than FLAG ON
Album “THE MOJO CLUB” single “cowardly style” release than (MOJO CLUB) Merudakku
Album “HOUSE PARTY”, “to those who are of the hand” single (MOJO CLUB) Merudakku than release
suspended the activities of the · MOJO CLUB, start a solo career
, Houston’s (Shinji Miyake, Hiroto Kōmoto <ex. THE HIGH-LOWS > such as a) formation
Maxi single, “Party Time” (MIYAKE SHINJI & THE TRAMP / Shinji Miyake, Masaru Takagi, Jun Hashimoto, Ito Mikio, Kozo Niida) released by Nippon Columbia [Hokka Hokka Tei CM song]
kiyoshiro imawano, Nakaido “CHABO” Urarashi, The HIGH-LOWS, etc.,錚people serving members participate
Screaming review (kiyoshiro imawano, Shinji Miyake, Hiroshi Fujii, Tomioka “GRICO” Yoshihiro, thickness Reikoromo) formed
Screaming review as a tour across the country 22 places, summer events, autumn festival 9 places the implementation of
Single “honor song” (MIYAKE SHINJI & THE TRAMP) release from Nippon Columbia [ANB “perforated London Boots” ED song]
album “FREE TIME” (MIYAKE SHINJI & THE TRAMP) Nippon Columbia than release
· FM program “Shinji Miyake of not seriously Let’s go! “Start
,” FREE TIME TOUR “national eight locations carried out
single” Prisoner “(MIYAKE SHINJI & tHE TRAMP) release [ANB” Nainaina “OP song] than Nippon Columbia
Live video” FREE “summer” TIME live “(MIYAKE SHINJI & THE TRAMP / Shimokitazawa CLUB 2DAYS LIVE recording at QUE) release
single” Requiem “(Shinji Miyake) released by Nippon Columbia
-” Rolling ‘& Tumbllin’ “tour conducted
Little Screaming review (kiyoshiro imawano, Miyake Shinji, Hiroshi Fujii, Tomioka “GRICO” Yoshihiro) formed
Mini-album “SUN DOWN” (Shinji Miyake), mini-album “MOON RISE” (MIYAKE SHINJI & THE TRAMP) Japan release from Columbia
album, “615” (SHINJI MIYAKE & NASHVILLE CATS) Japan release from Columbia
area code 615 – Barefoot – Jerry, Tony Joe White, etc., recording at the musicians or the like for respect of Miyake and American sound of the holy Land, the US Nashville
, “BLUES PARADE” tour implementation
· “SWAMP BOOGIE ’99” tour conducted
live video “SWAMP BOOGIE ’99” (MIYAKE SHINJI & THE TRAMP / Kyoto Haritsukeharitsuke LIVE recording) release
solo live “EVERY WEDNESDAY” at Minami Aoyama MANDA-LA2
-alligator’s (Shinji Miyake, Kantaro Uchida, Kozo Niida) formed
alligator’s as tour performed
live album “alligator’s live-night of the crocodile” (alligator’s) P-VINE release than
solo live “lonely journey” Kansai six locations implementation
, “1999 LAST TRAMP “tour implementation
· Kiyoshiro imawano “Respect” Budokan live appearance
single “lonely people” (Shinji Miyake) rice records release than
-2 Disc solo album “Journey” (Shinji Miyake) rice records from release
album “Masato Tomobe produce / poetry reading,” starring
album “Music Planet it would be a good and a good thing ~” (Shinji Miyake project) release from the ensemble
Nakaido “CHABO” Urarashi, Kimura Takashi揮, Hiroto Kōmoto, Masatoshi Mashima, Kazuyoshi Saito, Shigeru Nakano, Matsuzaki Nao, participation anna
· “Shinji Miyake BIRTHDAY LIVE” 3DAYS at Kyoto Haritsukeharitsuke
Kazuyoshi Saito, Nakaido “CHABO” Urarashi, THE TRAMP, etc. starring
album “Happy Days” (Miyake Shinji The Swamp Tramp / Shinji Miyake, Masaru Takagi, Jun Hashimoto, Tomioka GRICO Yoshihiro) release from the ensemble
, “Kabyi star” OP song lyrics in charge
– “Rock ‘n’ roll gypsy 2001” tour across the country 70 places implementation
Album “Guitar’s Talk” (Shinji Miyake Project 2) ensemble than release
Wayne Moss, Kiyoshiro Imawano, Masato Tomobe, Kantaro Uchida, Junji Ariyama, Makoto Ayukawa, Kazuyoshi Saito, Hiroyuki Hanada, Kohei Tsuchiya, Minoru Tezuka, participation Masaru Takagi
, “Guitar’s Talk launch live” implementation kiyoshiro imawano, Makoto <Sheena & the Rockets> like appearance Ayukawa
event “first spring storm” decorate the birds live
spice Market formation (Shinji Miyake, kiyoshiro imawano, Shigeru Izumiya, Leyona) Fuji Rock other, summer event appearance
, rock ‘n’ roll gypsy 2002 “tour across the country 170 this achievement
– “Rock ‘n’ Roll Gypsy 2003” tour start
and implementation Kazuyoshi Saito every year the annual live “New Year song picture scroll” as BIG BAND, Wolfle Keisuke <Ulfuls> such as appearance
, “Shinji Miyake BIRTHDAY LIVE” 2DAYS at Tokyo Hatsudai kiyoshiro imawano, Wolfle Keisuke < Ulfuls> such as appearance
, “an exhibition of us” at Hokkaido Masato Tomobe and the joint live
-live album “HARD TIMES LIVE!” (MOSAW) release
live album “Shinji Miyake & his BigBand LIVE!” (Shinji Miyake & his BigBand) release
· kiyoshiro imawano album “KING” co-produced, provided music
-kiyoshiro imawano tour participants
– Every year welcomed by Hiroaki Katayama annual live “New Year song picture scroll” to the guest, MOJO-CLUB revival perform live
Takashi揮Kimura in Nagoya, Osaka and Mie three places <ex. Yuutadan> and co-star
event “Spring best “in appeared in MOJO CLUB
-” rock ‘n’ roll gypsy 2004 “tour start
-kiyoshiro imawano & NICE MIDDLE with NEW BLUE DAY Fuji Rock Festival in other HORNS, summer events, Yaon 2DAYS appearances
fan club at-Hometown Miyazaki Prefecture gathering the implementation of
-the-hurricane (Shinji Miyake, Takahashi Jr Tomoharu, Ito Mikio, Yo喰Tatsuro) TomeiKyo tour conducted
in events “ROCKIN’ON PRESENTS COUNTDOWN JAPAN” appeared in kiyoshiro imawano & NICE MIDDLE with NEW BLUE DAY HORNS
Events celebrating the “New Year song picture scroll” to Yujin Kitagawa (citron) to the guest, the appearance at the Hurricane
-rock ‘n’ roll gypsy 2005 “tour start
(at Parco Theater) kiyoshiro imawano 35 anniversary event starring
events” Kichijoji music to the festival, “Miyake Shinji the Swamp Tramp in appearance
event” Na bicyclic Sullivan show “in kiyoshiro imawano & NICE MIDDLE with NEW BLUE DAY appeared in HORNS
in event” first spring storm “Miyake Shinji the in Swamp Tramp appearance
, kiyoshiro imawano , Hiroyuki Hanada, Kazuyoshi Saito, welcomed Leyona to guest, the event “EVERY WEDNESDAY” implementation
-kiyoshiro imawano album “GOD,” co-produced, provided music
to “YAON35” in-“2005 GOD Presents TOUR35” and the annual Hibiya field sound Starring
event “Fuji Rock Festival,” “Rising Sun Rock Festival” in appeared in-kiyoshiro imawano & NICE MIDDLE with NEW BLUE DAY HORNS
appeared in events “ROCKIN’ON PRESENTS COUNTDOWN JAPAN” in kiyoshiro imawano & NICE MIDDLE with NEW BLUE DAY HORNS
Shinji Miyake BAND (Shinji Miyake, Takahashi Jr Tomoharu, Kenji Oshima) activities start
Kimura Takashi揮debut 30th anniversary event, “continued the force ~ Oh Ka gain Sa Ma de ~” in Kimura Takashi揮, Komoto Hiroto, played with Leyona like
Kimura Takashi揮album “little flower,” “30th Party” music provides
AZUMI in the event “first spring storm”, Amano SHO, Kazuo Shimada, Junji Ariyama and co-star
event “mUSIC DAY,” “rough Baki Rock Festival “in kiyoshiro imawano & NICE MIDDLE with NEW BLUE DAY HORNS in appearance
-kiyoshiro imawano, Masato Tomobe, Yutaka Fujii Hiroaki Katayama, Sugiyama Shojimaru, Tsuyoshi Kawakami, welcomed the guts Horns to the guest, the event” EVERY WEDNESDAY “conducted
event” Fuji Rock Festival “Kimura Takashi揮with Shinji Miyake and FRF ALL STARS (Kimura Takashi揮, Shinji Miyake, Jun Hashimoto, Tomioka” GRICO “Yoshihiro, Mikio Shirai, Hiroaki Katayama, Umezu Kazutoki) appeared in
– Yohito Teraoka to Masato Tomobe produce “LIVE! no media / Setagaya Hen poetry reading by the musicians”, starring and Kazufumi Miyazawa such as
Kenji Oshima to guest <ex. tHE HIGH-LOWS>, countdown live implementation welcomed NAOH
Kimura Takashi揮event “New Year! Minami barking!” To the appearance
in the guitar magazine, talk with Tony Joe White, appeared on the Japan Tour live as the opening act
· “BLUES’N ROLL” launch tour implementation / Shinji Miyake BAND (Shinji Miyake, Takahashi Jr Tomoharu, Kenji Oshima, NAOH, thickness Reikoromo, Takao Watanabe)
appeared in Shinji Miyake to events “first spring storm” BAND
– Anam & Maki, reichi nakaido, Chosei Ishida greeted by guests, the event “EVERY WEDNESDAY” implementation
, the second time appeared in Shinji Miyake in Tokyo song of the day concert BAND
-the in-guest Cro, Yujin Kitagawa (citron) the pick, Shinji Miyake 20th anniversary × WYNTERLAND1 anniversary eVENT Shinji Miyake BAND 2DAYS ~ WAITING oN a FRIEND SPECIAL ~ the implementation
event “RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2007 in EZO” in appeared in solo
debut 20th anniversary album, “followed by” the Tearbridge Records release than
“Let’s BACK” debut 20th anniversary live held at SHIBUYA-AX. Cast guest:! Anam & Maki, Chosei Ishida, kiyoshiro imawano, Onishi Yukari, Kimura Takashi揮, GO GO 7188, Naoto Takenaka, Masato Tomobe, Nakaido “CHABO” Urarashi, Nakanomori BAND, Hiroshi Fujiwara, BLACK BOTTOM BRASS BAND , Takeo Yamada (THE Inazuma Sentai), Leyona (in alphabetical order)

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