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Mark picked up the guitar at age 16, rebelling against piano lessons. Self-taught until he reached college, he eventually studied under guitarists from the University Of Nevada music program, though he wasn’t a music major.
Since 2006, Mark has been leading his band all over the country, developing deep connections with friends and fans across the western seaboard.
“My biggest influences come from soul and funk music, not just guitar players influence my playing, but singers too. Playing guitar has granted me a lifestyle I wouldn’t trade for any other job.”
When it comes to Mark Sexton’s music, it’s all about the meaning of the soul. Every note from his jazz guitar screams passion, every lyric from the heart. Sexton is the walking, talking representation of a true artist, with resonating chords that strike deep in the hearts of his listeners. It’s these qualities that are making him the new West-Coast breakout artist of 2013. After six years of relentless traveling, Mark Sexton Band is now a perfectly groomed national touring act. Joined by bassist Alex Korostinsky and drummer Dan Weiss, this power-trio is striking while the iron is hot.
With a brand new, six-song EP full of monster soul and funk compositions, The Mark Sexton Band is proud to present Young & Naive, set for release on Tuesday, April 9, 2013. This new EP was also mixed by none other than drumming heavyweight Alan Evans (Soulive, Alan Evans Trio) who gave his personal touch to the album.
Undeniably moving, Young & Naive is endowed with thought-provoking melodies, smooth rhythms, lyrics that speak to the heart, and an ambiance that invokes an alluring, soulful mystique. Unique, intricate, and original, the band’s new album is a testament to their solid musicianship, refined songwriting and dedicated work ethic.
Their previous release, Listen Out, received significant accolades, and represented a musical creation of Mark Sexton’s passion for the sound and dedication of soul singers from past and present. The songwriting, harmony and foundation of their sophomore album Young & Naive resounds an even deeper level of musicianship from the group’s previous releases.
Since 2006, The Mark Sexton Band has led the way to further innovating the sound of soul and reggae. The depth and body of the group’s work stems from their deep understanding of music and the message that it bears. The Mark Sexton Band flexes a significant message in their music: pure emotion and love. This group takes pride in the production of their sound, leaving no room for artificial feeling or contrived songwriting. The Mark Sexton Band is truly a group not to lose sight of–their potential has hardly even been tapped.

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