Ko Shimizu (Naniwa Exp)

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Formed in 1977 by Ko(Bs), Kazuhiko(Gr), and Kenji(Key), the group did their first US tour in 1979. With Rikiya(dr) and Makoto(Sax/Key) later joining them in 1981, they signed the record deal with CBS Sony in 1982. Doing more than 160 shows a year nationwide, the group soon established thieir reputation as the best jazz/fusion band in Japan. Known for sharing the stage with a lot of artists including a major jazz trumpet artist, Terumasa Hino, with which they did a successful concert at Buddokan in 1984. Despite the fervent requests of the fans, the group decided to split in 1986 and each members pursued their solo careers.
In 2000, 14 years after the split, the members got back together again for a limited reunion tour which led them to the release of their new album in 2003. While each of them continues on their solo careers, They are now officially back together, once again as the leading jazz/fusion group with their outstanding performance.

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