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Colombian bassist Katherine Held is well known for both her academic and professional achievements. Her studies began at age 16 at Fundación Orquesta Sinfónica Juvenil. This is where she first fell in love with and developed her passion for music. She studied sound engineering at the prestigious Universidad Javeriana at first and then began her study of the bass guitar. This led her to Atlanta, Georgia, where she studied bass performance in a one-year program at the Atlanta Institute of Music.
After completion, she went back to her home town, Bogota, and continued her studies at the Music Dept Mauricio Cristancho from Universidad Sergio Arboleda.   During this time she also began studying upright bass. She now alternates between the two on her gigs.
Katherine has recorded with many local artists, such as Ángela Pico, Syprick and Santiago Martinez. As a live performer, she currently works with Sebastián Sero, Ángela Pico, Los Angeles Band, and belongs to different school ensembles directed by the great Colombian band leaders Jhon Montenegro and Dean Artist Patricio Stiglich. She performs more than 100 nights a year, performing in festivals, clubs, parties, and private events.  She performs live, does session work, records, etc. and works both in Colombia and in the USA.
She will be graduating in 2014 with a 5 year degree in music and plans to continue performing in Colombia and USA.  She is fluent in both English and Spanish, which greatly contributes to her versatility as an artist.  Her aspiration is to continue performing in a variety of styles (Latin, pop, jazz, rock and Colombian folk) and to never let anything interfere with her joy for making music. With her studies behind her and a free traveling schedule, Katherine is looking forward to further success as a studio musician and working with both upcoming and established artists.

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