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Juan Serrano’s incredible musical execution has been witnessed and enjoyed by millions around the world. Serrano has drawn awe and praise from his audiences, aficionados, critics, and artistic peers. Critics have called him the “best flamenco guitarist living today.”
Serrano’s mastery of flamenco not only comes from his many years of discipline and study of the guitar, but also because he grew up in Cordoba, Spain, the birthplace of this rich and dazzling music. At age nine, Serrano was studying under his father, a professional guitarist, and learning the traditions of flamenco which is a fusion of Jewish, Moorish, Christian and Gypsy musical elements between the 8th and 15th centuries in Andalucia. Juan made his professional debut at age 13 and as a teenage earned a reputation all over Spain and Europe as a gifted musician. He performed and recorded with the top flamenco musical, dance, and theatrical companies. At this time Serrano also started his solo career. His home town of Cordoba was so proud of his accomplishments that they replaced the bell in the town clock with recordings of his guitar playing.

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