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Kimura started his career in 1970 as a singer of acoustic blues band called Yukadan (our other endorsee Kantaro Uchida was a lead guitar player of this band). The band became very successful, and they played with some big names like Sleepy John Estes, Muddy Waters, and etc back in 70’s. Although the band once stopped activity in ’98, reunited in 2013.
Kimura is a charisma of blues in Japan. Personally, he is my favorite blues singer since many years ago. Actually, he and I was born in the same town in Osaka Japan.

Kimura Takashi揮 (kimura atsuki)

Kimura Takashi揮 have been proud of the enormous popularity as the lead vocalist of 20 years, blues band “Yuuta-dan”. ’70, ’80, ’90, And well into the 21st century has come a major scene as a person representing the Osaka, voice of appeal also said that “the angel of the dummy voice”, Imawashi distinctive song, Bruce Feeling is where unrivaled. According to the principal, and that it’s not been the most voice breaking from the days of elementary school, and possibly This is what also might be song “angel voice” gave God. As a superficial face of Kimura Takashi揮 that has been reported in the media, there are such as “Osaka Ikuno of residents” (Osaka face) “Bruce ray”, “Omoroi guy”, which frontman Yuuta-dan It is an image of as. Other, the Takashi揮 Kimura with a “best vocalist” (30 years of career, music parties to evaluate and Japan’s best vocalist, along with the musicians often, beyond the meaning and theoretical of the lyrics, the audience in the music space Although some have), and the like can the talent to lead, voice to expect a full flowering of talent of its Kimura Takashi揮 are growing more and more. The physical endowments of, that is, “There is also a course such as,” from “voice” as “the best to rock vocalist” New pop vocalist “flag or” to Asia of blues as a completely new type of singer ” are visible also future direction. For example, is a Bob Marley of Japan to express the oriental love, was comprehensive rock, pop, Enka not only to blues, popular song, jazz, every category ranging in folk music It is the presence of border-less singer, defunct challenge insatiable to music until now is not knowing where to stay, it continues to attract music fans.
July, until now also started movement of as a solo vocalist in a different concept, homeopathic different pop sensation overflow first solo album and announced the “Poe”.
July, we announced the 2nd album “YOU-TONE”.
March, it announced a new newly written was 3rd album in two years, “I found the house.” I felt attracted to solo activities, and hone its great personality and is showing more and more motivation.
September, 4th solo album “popular song / HAYARIUTA”, it makes again feel the presence of as challenging solo vocalist in the early Showa masterpieces (popular song).
and established a new office “Dandy Lion” for of their own music pursuit.
November, allies as a first step, DUO album and announced the “Kimura-kun and Ariyama kun” with Junji Mr. Ariyama. Starting in held a nationwide tour as many as 100 places until September 1999 to December.
Even while being spared “Yuuta-dan” enters indefinitely hiatus.
In October, it formed a new band “CUM’CUM ‘” which had been the image from two years ago.
New Year early, three days produced the “New Year! Minami barking !!” at Shinsaibashi BIG CAT.
Thereafter every year it becomes annual event to welcome the guest.
November, it announced the first album “CUM’CUM ‘”.
March, Japan’s classic “this road” that CUM’CUM ‘sing, because it is called the echo as Mitsubishi’s campaign song Oil, released as a maxi-single.
May, it will be responsible for the insertion song of the movie “Metropolis” of Tezuka Osamu original.
You can appeared as an actor in energetically solo activities to the start TV drama while Utaimakuri nationwide “private detective Mike Hama”, various fields and such in charge of the composer of Tomomi Kahala’s new single “Let’s give up.” in it plays an active part.
May, do two days live in Beijing of “JAZZ-YA” visited China.
August, previously unpublished songs made ​​for the event “Fushiginachikara” is determined to be “NHK Minna no Uta”.
February, two days of 11 to 12, was held celebrated the 30th anniversary of his debut “30th Anniversary” concert at NHK Osaka Hall. This March the machine “30th Party”, to April as “small flower” released in 2 consecutive title.
June, in the field of CM shooting of Suntory shochu who appeared together with Mr. Onishi Yukari “from it,”
announced the first duet was born from two people playful “from it.”
December, two sets of LIVE DVD “continue as condensed Kimura Takashi揮-first video document to 4 hours 30 anniversary live stage as many as nine hours the force ~ Oh Ka gain Sa Ma de Announces ~ “.
in June, in the wake of that free live is determined by the “PLAZA BALI” of Kuta, Bali,
fan club events also held at the same time, which also serves as a tourist of 6 days invite tour participants from the “Kimura set” We enjoy the vacation. Appearance of live is also featured in the “Jakarta newspaper” local.
July, this 2 and Fusanosuke Mr. Kondo, which has been shared to three years dense stage, Showa “man song” announced that it cover the album “man song – Showa Sanfu ~” praise. Cheer song for the man by man, cross bleeding to tough fiscal of the world, it was carried out in his and around “man song live” is called a topic, get high praise from many fields.
November, the theme song of the “little flower” is the movie “Love her, to the west.”
April, announced a blockbuster LIVE DVD “man song ~THE song SHOW~”.
The same month, was in charge of music of Nissin Food Products 50 anniversary company TV-CM “CAPMAN” series.
(TV Asahi “Delicious Collection” in the box)
in August, announced the single “Crazy clause – Showa Sanfu ~”.
in July, after a man song series trilogy, formed the unit “Crazy Dogs” with Fusanosuke Mr. Kondo to announce the original music, was raised to create in order to better represent the aged world ” one that becomes the culmination of man song “series announced” CRAZY DOGS “” first in, and as “crazy Dogs.
October, and guest appearances in Nagoya “obtained three” in origin a is Uchida Kantaro Mr. events Yuuta-dan formation, to play a co-star of the ’12 swing. Gathered fans in Nagoya from across the country eagerly waiting the revival of Yuuta-dan. Then also played a lap future development of he is expected.
February, the theme song of “Kesara ~ CHE SARA ~” is the movie “every day mother”.
March-April, the studio producer the prodigies-Kazutoki Umezu’s jazz world that represent Japan, celebrated the great player who, including Shibuya Takeshi Mr. (Piano), Kimura Takashi揮carrier’s first jazz album ·recording. Nat King Cole and Billie Holiday gem of name board series is completed sing the eternal classic group of the two great artists.
Is 5 years long-awaited solo album, “Kimura Sings Vol.1~Moon Call” the March of the “Kimura Sings Vol.2~Daylight in Harlem” in April I will release a continuous.
November, and appeared in the movie “kiyoshiro imawano Naniwa Sullivan Show – sensitivity soooo !!! ~”.
in January, it will be responsible for the theme song “Dream town” in the movie “a dog collar and croquettes.”
February, the singing of TV-CM song of “OSAKA PiTaPa” “Pitapon! Song” was in charge.
April, “My Kimura charge揮自Den-Yuuta-dan, now of me,” will be the first of autobiography announced.
The same month, appeared in principal role as a guest of the TV drama “Family Song” Episode 3.
in February, and appeared in the movie “Yellow Elephant” to sing the “Good Night Baby”.
April, “cramp was or March” is determined to TV-CM song of Kansai TV started broadcasting 55 anniversary.
May, announced the “Yuuta-dan” restart for hosting the drummer Shimada Kazuo of memorial events of Yuuta-dan.
August, annual event “passion continent SPECIAL LIVE SUMMER TIME BONANZA 13” of Mr. Taro Hakase Osaka performance becomes “Yuuta-dan” activities resumption of unveiling of the place, Tokyo performances I feel the response together.
September / December, “news from Yuuta-dan. LIVE went ~ to 7 to 8 September as Shimada Kazuo festival – “15 years as Yuuta-dan in Tokyo Akasaka BLITZ in Osaka Namba Hatch, 16 to 17 December was a sold out all. In addition, it announced a welcomed Kozo Mr. Niida of the original RC Succession to members to drum “Yuuta-dan” full-scale start-up.
March, as a unit, “Yuuta brother” with Kantaro Mr. Uchida, who created the one and only band called “Yuuta-dan”, it can be said that the debut previous Yuuta-dan episode one, all one shot Recorded realistic sound full album of the “Yuuta brother” announce in the LP + CD. The same month, for the first time of performance “first time.” It is held in the Osaka Festival Hall of the nascent “Yuuta-dan”. Generously show off to the “future of Yuuta-dan” and “unchanging Yuuta-dan”.
June, in the long time of Hibiya Outdoor Large Music Hall “Tokyo first time.” Held a big success a.

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