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These premium strings establish a new generation of polished bass strings for classical guitars. Their sound production and responsive performance are worthy of the finest concert instruments and the greatest classical guitarists.

In addition to clear nylon trebles, the "Argento Hand Polished" sets include hand-wound basses of 99% pure silver wire for the exterior wrap. They are hand-polished using a meticulous multi-step process, which smooths the surface greatly reducing left hand finger noise. This new design offers an extended tonal range producing a varied pallet of colors, both bright and dark, determined by the slightest right hand articulation.

With a velvety texture allowing easy left hand fingering, these basses also eliminate any right hand fingernail wear and tear. Machine-polished strings have a slightly abrasive surface but "Argento Hand Polished" sets offer a friction-less feel while retaining their tone, vibrancy and intonation.

Please note due to the high silver content of these strings, they're suitable for concerts and recording, and not everyday playing as they're more delicate than a standard classical guitar set. We suggest practicing with our 2001 Series and playing our Argento series for "special occasions" like recording and concerts.

  • Clear Nylon 202 trebles produced greater aural transparency and sound projection
  • 99% Pure Silver wound basses produce rich sonority
  • Medium Tension
  • String Gauges: Clear Nylon Trebles: .029 .0335 .041; Silver Wound Basses: .027 .032 .041
  • Made in the USA with American Wire
  • Packaged using MAP Technology (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) to prevent tarnishing and ensure freshness

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