980 Gut & Gut Wound Double Bass Strings

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First introduced by E. & O. Mari, Inc. in the 1920s, gut strings were very popular in jazz orchestras for their distinctly deep and warmer tone. Our latest formulation honors the same old-world tradition of gut string making, while also utilizing the latest and finest silver-plated copper wire available on the market. Our 980 set can be used for many styles of music, including classical, jazz, country, bluegrass and rockabilly  
  • G & D: Super Fine Quality Gut with a Smooth Finish
  • A & E: Gut Core Wound with Pure Italian Silk and Silver-Plated Round Wire
  • Gauges: G .084”/2.13mm - D .104”/2,64mm - A .108”/2,74mm - E .134”/3,40mm
  • Made in the USA with American Wire
How to Care for Gut Strings It's extremely important to carefully maintain these high quality gut strings to ensure playability and longevity. Failure to do so can cause breakage and irreparable damage. We suggest purchasing food grade pure mineral oil to wipe down the strings after playing. We also suggest frequent conditioning of the strings to prevent breakage, especially in cold and dry climates. We also suggest using a razor blade to carefully cut any fraying pieces of gut, as shedding is normal for gut strings. Be very careful as to not cut yourself. Always condition strings with mineral oil after trimming any frays. When installing the strings and/or bringing them to pitch, use the graphite from the tip of a pencil to lubricate the part of the string that sits on the bridge. This will prevent fraying on the gut or wire separating while tuning. Please note gut strings can take up to 15 days to stretch, and also stretch/contract based on ambient humidity. We suggest detuning strings a whole step down when not in use.

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