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I’ve been building guitars on a steady basis since 1981. I met with archtop builder Jimmy D’Aquisto in 1969 to put in an order for an archtop guitar; the minute I stepped into his shop my whole life changed. In July of 1972 I picked up my instrument from Jimmy. It was and still is a masterpiece.

At that time I had been studying classical guitar for a few years so my musical tastes were changing. I asked Jimmy if he could possibly teach me some guitar building basics. He agreed and I would go to his shop whenever he had the time. Although he was an archtop builder, he knew everything about classical guitar construction. I was in contact with Jimmy until the time of his tragically early death.

I build nylon-string instruments exclusively, all in the Spanish tradition with the body joined to neck by slots cut into neck. My instruments models are Classical, Flamenco, and Nylon Jazz in 6, 7, and 8-string versions. I primarily use hand tools except when heavy stock has to be thinned to working dimensions. All of my instruments are French polished.

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