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A guitarist, bandleader, and former architect, Harvey Citron has been building guitars, basses, and pickups since 1974. He co-founded Veillette-Citron in 1975, and during that partnership’s eight years built some of the finest handcrafted electric guitars, basses, and baritone guitars. As an independent luthier, he designed the Guild X/92 Breakaway guitar, and was a frequent reviewer for Guitar Player, Bass Player, and Guitar World magazines. His Basic Guitar Set-Up and Repair instructional video is available from Homespun Tapes. He has been building Citron guitars and basses in his shop in Woodstock, NY since 1994, with a focus on his unique hollow models.

Harvey Citron’s philosophy of instrument making comes from years as a guitarist, luthier, and designer. “I strive to continually improve and create new designs, and build guitars and basses for my customers with the intention of providing inspiration, such that something new and wonderful emerges that wasn’t there before. I am constantly trying different approaches to body design, materials, degrees of hollowness, electronics, and pickup design, looking for new tone. My hope is that when a player picks up one of my instruments that it makes magic in their hands, allowing their vision to be fully realized.”

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