– Order Support –

How long will it take to ship my order?
Standard (non-custom) items will ship out in about 2-7 business days. Unfortunately there’s no way to rush an order placed on our website. If you need a product sooner, check out our “Trusted Online Retailers” on each product page as most offer expedited shipping.


Who is Kibo and why are they shipping my order?
We rely on our trusted network of retailers, both brick-and-mortar stores and online stores, to fulfill the majority of orders placed on www.LaBella.com. The retailer physically closest to your address will fulfill an order placed on our website.


I placed an order and need to edit my billing information.
We let our trusted 3rd party fulfiller handle all billing information so your data is safe. Please contact Kibo at (877) 412-7467 or consumer.support@kibocommerce.com with any billing issues or questions.


How long with it take to ship my “custom order”?
Custom orders like “Build A Custom Set” or bass sets with non-standard scales can take up to 10-business days to ship. Please be patient as we’re making these strings fresh by hand in our factory in New York.


Do you ship internationally from your website?
All products on our website ship to the USA and Canada. Only custom items can be shipped internationally.


Do you sell direct on Amazon?
No, we don’t. Beware of some Amazon listings as they have inaccurate or missing information. Therefore, it’s difficult for us to provide post-purchase customer support. Please make sure the product you’re purchasing on Amazon.com fits your instrument before purchasing. We’re working to improve all the Amazon listings out there.


– Product Questions –


My string broke, now what?
Don’t fret! 🙂 Contact us with the following information, and we’ll figure out a solution:
– Item Purchased referencing a product number
– Photo of broken string (zoom in if you can!)
– Proof of purchase like a receipt or photo of the string(s)
– Any other relevant information

P.S. Our flat wound bass strings will break if you wrap the metal portion of the string around the post, and if you string it through the body (assuming it’s not a “through-body” or Low Tension Flat bass string)


Which set of strings fits my bass?
It’s very important to determine which scale set fits your bass or else our strings will break upon installation. We’ve created this detailed guide here to help you determine which bass set fits your bass.

If you still have doubts, contact us and be prepared with (1) the distance on your bass from where the ball-end is located to the nut (this is not the same scale length), and (2) whether your bass has a top load bridge or through-body bridge.

I think my flat wound bass strings is “dead” sounding, what can I do?
Our flat wound bass strings epitomize the vintage flat wound tone from the 50s and 60s, and sometimes that can be interpreted as being “dead” in tone. We suggest breaking in a set of flat wound bass strings for a few hours, as the tone usually evens out. You can also try raising your pick-up closer to the string(s) in question. If that doesn’t work, please email us a quick recording, and we’ll come up with a solution.


Do I need to tug or stretch my bass strings before installation?
No, please don’t tug or stretch strings as you run the risk of breaking the string. A few hours of playing will break your strings in tonally and physically.

Do you sell custom strings/sets?

We offer the ability to build custom sets and strings for electric guitar, acoustic guitar strings, and strings that fit Fender Bass VI instruments* (these are NOT standard bass strings and will not fit regular basses tuned G to E).

If you order an electric or acoustic guitar string over .054” in diameter, we have to custom make this string to fit your tuning post. Therefore, when placing an order, in the NOTES field upon checking out or when prompted, please provide that distance on your guitar from where the ball-end is located to the nut. This information is essential for us to custom make the string to fit into your tuning post.


Do you sell individual bass strings?
We don’t sell single bass strings on our website. Note that the “Build a Custom VI Bass Set” are strings made for Fender* Bass VI instruments, not standard basses.


Where can I find tension information?
Available tension information is available on a product page or the Guides section. If it’s not located there, then we don’t offer the published tension for that particular set.


Can I string your flat wound bass strings through the body of my bass?
Only our Low Tension Flats and “Through Body” Deep Talkin’ Bass flat wound bass strings (e.g. 760FS-TB) can string through the body without breaking.


Why is my flat wound B string tapered by the ball-end?
We taper our flat wound low B strings by the ball-end for better intonation.


Can I cut the tape wound portion of my bass or guitar string?
No, you cannot. Only the silked portion of the string can be cut, or else the string will unravel like a slinky.

How do I install your new Jazz Flat Guitar Strings?
Install the silk portion of the string inside the tuning post, and then slowly bring the string to tension/pitch. The metal portion of the string can now wrap around the post, as long as the silk-end is first installed inside the tuning hole.


Do I install those numbered beads on my instrument?
No, please remove them before installation. If you need help figuring out which string is which, please refer to our bead guides.


– Artist Endorsements –


How do I apply to become a La Bella artist?
We accept applications from professional artists interested in endorsing La Bella Strings. We only consider artists who currently play La Bella and are passionate about music and our brand. Send as much information about yourself and musical career, including your social media account information and someone will get back to you if there’s a possibility of starting a relationship. Contact us here.



*FENDER® is a registered trademark of FENDER MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS CORP and is not associated with E. & O. Mari, Inc.

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