La Bella Strings, America’s oldest continuously family-owned and operated string manufacturer, has teamed up with trusted friend and master luthier Mas Hino, to create a line of handcrafted vintage-style basses. For decades, La Bella Strings have graced the basses of the finest musicians in modern recording history. After years of working with world-famous luthiers in developing cutting-edge strings, La Bella feels the natural next step is to introduce a bass, that equally embodies that vintage tone which put La Bella on the map.

Each La Bella Bass is individually handcrafted and made to order by master bass builder, Mas Hino. Based out of a NYC’s Lower East Side, Hino shapes each body by hand, working with only the finest cuts of wood. The “OLINTO” also sports hand wound pick-ups made in house. Bringing years of experience and knowledge to the table, Hino is able to make La Bella’s vision into a reality — a vintage-style bass equally as handcrafted as its vintage-style strings.

It has been documented that players like James Jamerson, Donald “Duck” Dunn, and Bob Babbit, all relied on La Bella Flat Wound strings to achieve a legendary tone. Over the years, there have been certain basses that together with our strings, created a fusion of sound quite like no other. Today, La Bella makes both the strings and now the basses to create that perfect sonic marriage.


All of our instruments are hand made in our La Bella Showroom located at:
225 34th St, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY open 7 days a week from 1-7 PM.
Repairs and setups available on the premises by Mas Hino NYC, and Carbonetti Guitars.


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