Rishanda Singgih is an Indonesian based producer, musician born and raised in Jakarta. Rishanda is also notable as Raisa, Afgan, Marcell and Magenta Orchestra’s session player.
Throughout the years, Rishanda had also worked as a producer for several singles from Andien (“Pelita), Marcell (“Cinta Mati”),  Radhini (“Cinta Kan Menjawabnya”) and co produced her debut album “Awal”. Outside the studio besides being a session player, Rishanda is also a music director in some concerts and shows, such as Afgan’s “Live in KL”, Andien’s “Metamorfosa” concert, Marcell’s “Once In a Lifetime Live in KL”, Afgan “Konser Dekade”, and all of Swara Gembira’s concert and events.

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