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New York City-based guitarist, prolific composer and itinerant educator, he is
internationally recognized as an exponent of Brazilian music. His style melds
traditional Brazilian genres with contemporary jazz and classical
influences. Richard’s fingerstyle soloing and accompaniment is showcased as
co-leader of Diálogos Duo (with clarinetist Louis Arques), leader of Quarteto
Moderno, Trio Brasileiro and as an in-demand soloist.
Guitar Player/Brazil describes his playing as “Beautiful melodies, contagious
rhythms and impassioned improvisations”. João Luiz of Brasil Guitar Duo says of
his works for Diálogos Duo: “His present and future works will be a perennial
contribution to contemporary clarinet-guitar literature.”
Richard’s featured recordings include two with Diálogos Duo (Choro Tributes,
Homages to Brazilian Masters), Quarteto Moderno Live! Ao Vivo!, Balaio (duo
with Grammy-nominated Brazilian pianist Jovino Santos Neto), Live at St.
Michael’s (duo with Croatian tambura virtuoso Filip Novosel), Amazôna,
Embarcadero and Commitment.
Faculty at New School University’s College of Performing Arts since 1989, he
has been guest educator at numerous universities and workshops including
Mannes’s New York Guitar Seminar, Harvard, Cornell, Denver Univ., Cincinnati
Conservatory and in Brazil, Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) and
Campos do Jordão Festival (São Paulo).
Holding an MA in Composition from Queens College/Aaron Copland School of
Music, Richard’s solo guitar works include the landmark Guinga Suite and has
written numerous pieces for guitar ensemble. His commissions include LaCatrina
String Quartet, PUBLIQuartet String Quartet, World String Orchestra of
Berklee, and Sopros de PE Clarinet Quartet (Brazil). Apart from his creative and
academic work, he is a veteran of Broadway and New York studio scenes,
including recordings of music by Lin-Manuel Miranda.
Richard uses 2001 Classical Medium tension strings.

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