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Rhesa was born in Jakarta, 15 November 1983. He started to play bass when he was in high school and continued to dig the bass more seriously when he was in college inspired by Bondan Prakoso (Indonesian bass player), Victor Wooten, Richard Bona, Les Claypool and Flea. He was an underdog, was underestimated, and no one was excited to play with him at that time. He was alone until destiny led him to meet Endah, his true love. Together, they created great chemistry and started a duo project named Endah N Rhesa in 2004, with Rhesa playing electric bass and Endah playing acoustic guitar and singing. At the time, duos were not common in the Indonesian music scene. Rhesa recorded and produced Endah N Rhesa’s first album Nowhere to Go in his bedroom. He also designed the album cover illustration. In 2009, the album was released under Demajors independent label and was awarded Best Alternative Album Production AMI (Indonesia Music Awards). And the result was them getting Best Performance Alternative Artist and Best Producer Alternative Album Production AMI (Indonesia Music Awards) in 2011.
Nowadays, Endah N Rhesa perform in many prestigious music festivals around the world. They performed at Midem Conference & Music Festivals in Cannes (France), Music Matters (Singapore), Darwin Festival (Australia), World Islamic Economic Forum (Kazakhstan), Blues Celebration (Malaysia), Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival (Indonesia), Sanur Village Festival (Bali), and other art & music festivals in colleges/schools in Indonesia. Endah N Rhesa also received many awards such as the Editor’s Choice Awards Rolling Stone Indonesia 2010, Best Crossover Album AMI (Indonesia Musik Awards) 2013, and Best Folk/ Country/ Ballads Production for song “Ruang Bahagia” (Space of Happiness) in 2017.
And to add to the International reputation, Rhesa is the first and only Indonesian official Artist of the prestigious Bass builder Fodera.

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