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Purveyor of handcrafted low notes, Maxwell Pierce is a professional bass player working in Los Angeles with 20 years of experience playing live gigs, recording sessions, and musical theater. Maxwell has supported artists on the stage and in the studio such as Patrice Pike (Austin Music Hall of Fame), Ty Taylor (Vintage Trouble), Maiya Sykes (The Voice, Scary Pockets), Holy Wars, Mark Goldenberg (Jaskson Brown), Evan Rachel Wood (actor), Sonja Midtune, Sneaky Little Devil, and many others.

At a young age he was exposed to rock, classic R&B, Motown, and musical theater which led him to develop great pocket, ear training, and reading chops.
He also works for the LA based theater company, For The Record, performing in their immersive modern music productions.

You can hear music that Maxwell co-wrote on the show Parenthood (NBC).

Maxwell uses La Bella’s 760FL Deep Talkin’ Bass Flats – LIGHT 43-104 and RX-N4B Rx Nickel, 45-100.
Photo Credit: Jean Kim

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