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Bass player, composer and producer, born 14 January 1974 in Mexico City. Probably most known for being the bass player of Jaguares, Saúl Hernandez´s solo project and previously Lila Downs, Marco Rentería has had a prolific career in the Mexican and US music scene.

American and Latin Grammy winner, Marco was the recipient of the 2008 best latin rock or alternative Grammy for his work with Jaguares on the album “45”

In 2009 for his work on the album “45” with Jaguares he was the recipient of a Latin Grammy in the category of “Best Rock Album.”

Son of world-class bass player Marco Mendoza, Marco Rentería was naturally a music lover from an early age. At the age of 3, he moved back from Chulavista, Ca, to Mexico City where he grew up, greatly influenced by his uncle’s eclectic music collection. He was exposed to classic rock, pop, fusion, world music and progressive rock.

At age 13, he started visiting his father in Los Angeles and became a frequent spectator of his celebrated trio with Joey Heredia and Renato Neto. He learned by watching and listening to them perform over the months and years at La Ve Lee Jazz Club. That and the discovery of ,Weather Report’s album, Black Market, with ground-breaking bass performances by Jaco Pastorius and Alphonso Johnson, made an indelible impact on his life. At the age of 21, upon completing Aeronautical studies, he quit his  Engineering career – against strong opposition from his family – and decided to become a full-time musician.

At first self-taught, he began classes with Aaron Cruz in 1996 where upon he was introcuced to technique, music theory and the world of jazz and improvisation. Later, he studied double bass with Agustin Bernal and completed Advanced Music Theory method by Dick Grove with teacher Tony Bravo in Mexico City.

Since then, he has also taken part in clinics by Gary Willis, Alain Caron, Brian Bromberg, Janek Gwizdala, Jerry Watts, Bunny Brunel and Jeff Berlin.

Further studies include Master Classes with bass players: Kai Eckhardt, Richard Bona, Richard Epesse both from Cameroon and more recently with Jimmy Haslip in LA and in  New York with Evan Marien, Felix Pastorius and Matt Garrison at Shapeshifter in Brooklyn.

In 2005, Marco was invited to join Jaguares,one of the most representative Mexican rock en español bands of all time,he recorded the critically acclaimed album “45”.

Other recordings with Jaguares include, “La Martiniana” on an album commemorating Mexico´s Bicentenary of Independence and more recently, “Suertesita” interpreted by Saúl Hernandez for a tribute album to Enrique Bunbury from Los Heroes del Silencio.

His participation with Jaguares has also taken him on countless tours across the Mexico, US, Cuba, Europe, Central and South America.

His performances have extended to stadiums and festivals worldwide such as: South by South West, Vive el Latino,Street Scene, Rock al Parque,Cumbre Tajin, Paleo in Switzerland and Womad in the UK and Canary Islands, organized by Peter Gabriel and transmitted by the BBC and other international media.

Marco moved to Los Angeles in 2006 with the aim of expanding his musical horizons, submerging himself in his favourite musical styles; pop, rock, R&B, soul, funk, and gospel. He honed his professional skills on the stage and as a session musician, covering a broad spectrum of musical genres.

He has also collaborated, jammed and performed with the following artists: Joey Heredia, David Hidalgo, Renato Neto, Walter Turner, Brandon Coleman, Bryant Siono, Ritchie Kotzen, Marco Mendoza,Ronald Brunner, Tommy Aldridge, Steve Lukather, Natalie Wilde, Jamie Kime, Ty Baillie, Danny Carey, John Ziegler, Michael Fortunato, Doug Webb, Alan Zundelevich, Matthew Garstka, Louie Palmer, Dj Bonebrake, Fredo Ortiz, Michael Fortunato, Hans Zermuehlen, Oskar Lee, Osmany Paredes, Rick Parker, Waldo Madera, Armando Montiel, Tim Kuhl, Aaron Lebos, Paul Cohen, Rafael Moreira, Ryan Mcallister,Gary Novak, Scott Kinsey, Dany Karey, Deron Johnson, Brandon Fields etc..


For over two decades Marco Rentería has toured as a bass player around the USA,Canada,Europe, Latin America and India.

His most recent tour being with Saúl Hernandez of Los Caifanes and Jaguares, promoting his recent solo album, Remando, produced by Don Was with Howard Willing as engineer.

Other tours include Mexican artists: Cristian Castro, Pepe Aguilar, Kabah, Lila Downs. Ximena Sariñana, Erik Rubin, Jazzid, Klezmerson and Poncho Kings with whom he also had several important television appearances in Spain ,Mexico and Latin America.

Recent Recordings

JAGUARES – 45 (2 Grammys) – with Saúl Hernandez, Alfonso André, Diego Herrera and Vampiro

RHA Trio – Al Cuarto Día – With Hernan Hecht and Mark Aanderud

MADREFOKA – Inmensidad – with Juan Jose Lopez, Rodrigo Barbosa and Alejandro Campos

TRICIKLO – Corazon with Edy Vega and Francesc Alcalcer

MARCO MENDOZA – Live for Tomorrow ,one track(Let the Sun Shine)with Steve Lukather,Tommy Aldridge produced by Ritchie Kotzen.

MAQUINARORSCHACH – Kokoro – with Tom Kessler, Nico Santella and Gustavo Nandayapa

SAUL HERNANDEZ – Remando with Gustavo Nandayapa produced by Don Was and recorded by Howard Willing.

KLEZMERSON – Live – with Chali Mercado, Benjamin Schwartz, Juan Manuel Ledezma, Maria Emilia Martinez, Chatran Gonzalez, Rolando Morejon and Daniel Zlotnik

E.N.D – Volcanica – with Rene and Canek Zinho

LOS RADARES – with Abie Toiber and Hernan Hecht

COLECTIVO ZEBRA – with Gabriela Rivera,Sergio Galvan, Pascual Contreras,Guillermo Perata,Marco Castro , Luri Molina,Edy Vega,Pepe Moran, Israel Blancas

EL MALVADO TRIO – Por la Senda del Chile – with Gustavo Nandayapa and Bernardo Ron

GUPSTER – Debut Album – with Sarah Guppy, Javier Lara, Natalia Pérez, Tom Kessler, Blair Latham and Gustavo Nandayapa

NU JAZZ & GROOVE QUINTET- with Paco Herrejon, Jorge Pacheco, Enrique Nativitas and Blair Latham

ELIZABETH MEZA -La Celula que Explota – Mauricio Claveria,Rosino Serrano, Alger Erosa,Enrique Neri, Francisco Sanchez Loaeza, Victor Patron Aaron Cruz

DAVID ALFANO – El Sonido de mi Vida -Ettore Grenci, Edy Vega, Juan Manuel Ledezma.

MARCUS WOLF TRIO – EP with Marcus Wolf and Louie Plamer, bassplayer.

KLEZMERSON – AMON  (from John Zorn’s Book of Angels Series soon to be released on Tzadik Records) with Benjamin Swhartz, Chali Mercado, Juan Manuel Ledezma,Chatran,Alex Otaola) bassplayer.

SAUL HERNANDEZ – MORTAL(second solo double album )with Gustavo Nandayapa, Bernardo Ron, Robert J Manning JR.Recorded by Howard Willing and mixed and Mastered by David Thoener.

BBMAMUT’s Niño Rama with Bernardo Ron and Zoar Miranda, bassplayer.

YELLOW’s  Relatividad as Producer and Bassplayer with Carlos Renteria, Yonathan Gaez, record, mixed in Nashville by Howard Willing and mastered by Stewart Cararas in L.A.

Marcus Nand TIME AND TIDE WAIT FOR NO MAN, bassplayer.

Alfredo Caceres and Waldo Valenzuela HISPANICA bassplayer.

Klezmerson AMON  John Zorn’s  Book of Angels series number 24 on Tzadk Records , Bassplayer.

Marco Renteria INNERVOICE , Composer and Bassplayer with Otmaro Ruiz, Jimmy Branly,Bob Shepard, Catina de Luna, Jonathan Dane, Radegundis Tavares,Larry Koonse, Marco Mendoza.

just released www.marcorenteria.com

Gustavo Nandayapa , Tom Kessler and Marco Renteria DOCTOR TRIO just released 2018,Bassplayer.


Apart from constant musical studies, Marco Rentería is an active composer and versatile session musician, recording for different projects of varying musical genres.

Based in LA for the third time from 2012-2015 he recorded for various albums like Alfredo Caceres- Waldo Valenzuela  flamenco and rumbas project HISPANICA with Marcus Wolf Trio, Marcus Nand Album, Saul Hernandez Mortal, Armando Manzanero upcoming record produced by Ettore Grenci .

He also played with Mario Reyes from Gipsy Kings and toured in India with Gipsy Sound Revolution.

He also can be seen live on stages in LA such as the Baked Potato with his own project Marco Renteria Quartet with musicians like, Otmaro Ruiz, Jimmy Branly,Brandon Fields,Katisse Buckingham, Gene Coye, Dennis Ham, Deron Johnson,Steve Weingart, Joey Heredia,Matt Rohde , Zane Musa , Andy Sanesi , Stephane DeReine etc.

With Jamie Kime’s project Butterface from Zappa play Zappa with Ty Bailie, Danny Carey from Tool, Mitch Manker at Cafe Cordiale with Marcus Nand project with Alfredo Caceres, Jesus Florido ,Chrissy Shefts,Janna Jacoby, Ronnie Gutierrez, or different venues like Three Clubs in Hollywood or Trip in Santa Monica with Marcus Wolf trio with Louie Palmer.

at Vitello’s with Joey Heredia Flamenco Project  etc……


He is still a member of Jaguares and Saul Hernandez´s solo project, sometimes subbing for Sabo Romo with Caifanes touring and recording when necessary.

After living in Tijuana and giving lessons at CAM School. just recently moved to Monterrey Mexico , from where he travels and plays at Jazz Venues and Festivals with his trio and Quintet in Mexico City and records in state of the art studios throughout the Country.

Marco is sponsored by Fender and uses their basses and amplifiers as a part of his sound, La Bella Strings and EBS Bass pedal effects.

Apart from giving one-to-one classes, he imparts regular workshops and masterclasses behalf of Fender all over Mexico and Central America.

Marco Renteria.




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