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Marco Alfano was born in Pontecorvo (Fr) in 1986, from organist father.
Since he was a child he began to listen to the great rock music of the 70s and to discover the passion for the guitar. At the age of 12 he began his first classical guitar studies with the master Gennaro Del Prete (guitarist of the M.B.L. musicians bass lazio) and immediately became passionate about the electric guitar. He begins to develop his first musical experiences with different bands, gaining acclaim and appreciation.
From 2000 to 2004 achievement 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th course with top marks at the Italian Musical Didactic Center.
Then from 2005 to 2006 he attended the Saint Louis in Rome (studying with Lello Panico, Pietro Iodice etc. and participating in workshops by Gigi Cifarelli, Rocco Zifarelli, William Stravato …).
In 2005 he founded the rock-band Prisoners in Paradise, a band that over time will become a very important reality that will lead Marco to play all over Europe. At the same time to the “profession” of musician he also cultivates the passion for the phonic that will lead him to collaborate with many national and international artists (Franco Califano, Eugenio Finardi, Edoardo Vianello, Martufello, Nek, James Senese, Maurizio Mattioli, Valentina Persia, Bisca, Ratti della Sabina, Cisco, Alberto Rocchetti, Fabrizio Sforzini, Africa Unite, Federico Poggipollini, cast of Zelig, Stef Burns, kee Marcello, Karl Potter, Etta Scrollo, Ambrogio Sparagna, Hevia,…. ).
He attends the Conservatory of Frosinone L. Refice.
In 2007 he continued his studies with the guitar teacher Cardillo Francesco, acquiring a technical level and musical preparation, studying technique on methods of Frank Gambale, John Petrucci, Vinnie Moore, Paul Gilbert, and methods of the UM University of Music by Franco Ventura, Max Rosati etc. ….. at the same time he studied theory and harmony with the teacher Andrea Avena (University of Music).
In 2008 national tour in the biggest theaters with his band, participating in several festivals, Festival Italia in musica, Festival di Saint Vincent, Kantafestival, Cantagiro, Arezzo Wave, GBob etc., thanks to which he is sharing stages with several Italian artists, Tiziana Rivale, Massimo Di Cataldo, Cheope, Vision Divine, Michele Luppi…..
In the same year the band’s first album is released with the major label Machiavelli thanks to which it participates in several programs including Demo Radio Rai1 and in autumn they start touring in England and Spain with the band “Prisoners in Paradise” with which it records a live unplugged at BFR Radio UK.
In 2010 he obtained the certificate of “Sound Technician” at the Chamber of Commerce of Frosinone.
From 2008 to 2010 he worked as a guitar technician and Rig builder at a musical instrument store (Fr).
In 2011 he opened the Alfa Studio Recording, recording studio.
There follow live and studio collaborations with different bands and musicians (Gianni Perilli, Musicians Basso Lazio, Massimo Bettazzi, Claudio Campadello, Diego Micheli, Fabio Meridiani, Michele Avella, Vittorio Oi, Arianna Marciano, Dario Conti, Igor Minerva, Ludovico Minchella, Massimiliano Serafini, Valerio Minicillo, Tiziano Liburdi, Alessandro Capuano, Don Roxx…).
He began to approach the world of didactics and later decided to open the first school of music MUSIC ART in Roccasecca (Fr).
Over the years, he collaborates and clinics with international artists Andrea Martongelli, Ares Tavolazzi (Area, Mina, Dalla, Concato etc.), Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson), Giancarlo Golzi (Matiabazar), Fabio Mariani, Simon Fitzpatrick (E. L.P.), Pippo Matino, Nazzareno Zacconi, Giorgio Terenziani, Simone Fiorletta, Barend Courbois (Blind Guardian), Steve Vai, J.P. Cervoni….
In 2014 he becomes national Endorser of the American guitar and amplifier brands Washburn and Randall, collaborating with the company Master Music.
In 2015 he enters as a teacher in the National Academy “The Guitarist’s House” with top marks, thus beginning to appear in international magazines such as Guitar Club with educational columns etc….
In 2016 he signed 2 important Endorsement contracts with Phaselus S.A. for Lengardo guitars and with D’orazio Strings for strings.
In 2019 he becomes Endorser of the American string brand La Bella, starting the collaboration with the company Valmusic Professional.
He is currently the owner of the music school MUSIC ART, where he teaches electric guitar and is constantly dedicated to the evolution of the study and techniques of the instrument, is involved with various clinics with various international artists and is the guitarist leader of his rock-band Prisoners in Paradise and is on tour with the ‘television artist Igor Minerva (Moments of Glory, Sanremo, Tu Si Que Vales) in the project Baglioni Si Nasce.

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