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LUBA DVORAK (pronounced: DVOR-zhack), in black attire and armed with an acoustic guitar, has been called a Dylan-Springsteen-Cash combo with his earthy vocal style and enticing storytelling. Born in the Czech Republic and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Mr.Dvorak has been playing and writing music most of his life. As his last name suggests he comes from a long line of musicians and is not far down the family tree from world-renowned composer Antonin Dvorak. Currently residing in Houston TX he’s active as a songwriter, session musician, side-man, producer and owner of Brooklyn Twang Sound.
Luba uses La Bella VSE1150 & VSA1252

His new release American Sin takes influence from artists like Gary Stewart and Dwight Yoakam, with bright, raw guitar hooks and honest songwriting.

The result is an easily-accessible guitar album that provides a classic country feel with a hint of the iconic Bakersfield Sound mixed with Texas Honky-Tonk and marinated in some New York Swagger. A style that Luba defines as “Brooklyn Twang.” 

His heart-on-your-sleeve songwriting style resonates through raw, heart-wrenching vocals delivered in a relatable live off-the-floor style. The album was recorded in just one day at Atomic Sound in Brooklyn, New York.

Five songs from the one-day 14 song session were released in April 2019 as American Wino. Five classic country renditions intended as the opening act to American Sin.

He moved to New York City in 2005 and spent twelve years working in various roles throughout the music industry including session musician, side-man, producer and audio-engineer. He released four studio albums and produced records for other New York artists out of his Starr Street Studio.

He relocated to Houston TX in 2017 to be closer to the honky-tonk sound and soon after won a scholarship to Steve Earle’s Camp Copperhead. The new inspiration of the souther lifestyle started to re-shape his songwriting and the wheels for American Sin were set in motion.

American Sin is available on all digital outlets August 30 2019

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