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A Dynamic-lead bass player from Kansas City, bassist Julian Vaughn has made an international name for himself since 2010 as a bassist in the jazz genre. Although the bass is often associated with funk, Vaughn likes to play with more of a finesse style as well as some funk.
Julian Vaughn has toured all over the U.S. playing at some of the largest jazz festivals and abroad in places like Dubai, Nairobi, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Lagos Nigeria and Germany. Vaughn has recorded 6 albums thus far with 6 billboard #1 hits.  In 2020 Vaughn was named the #2 billboard artist of the year with  2 singles in the top 20 for the top 100 billboard songs of the year. As Vaughn’s recording catalog continues to grow he still wants to continue to redefine the lead bassist role in the smooth jazz genre.

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