Isato Nakagawa

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Born in Osaka, Japan in 1947.

When he was in high school he became a member of the Hawaiian band and fell
in love with music.  Thus, his first musical instrument was not guitar but

At 17 he played guitar for the first time.  His friend started a folk group
and they played Peter, Paul & Mary songs.  Their performances
gave young Isato a great stimulus.

After he graduated from high school he performed with his friends
in several folk groups in imitation of the Kingston Trio, Peter, Paul &
Mary, etc.  One day he met legendary singer-songwriter Takashi NISHIOKA and
they started the legendary Japanese folk group Five Red Balloons.

In 1969 he left the group because of differences in musical
direction.  Since that time, he has performed and recorded>with many
well-known singers while he sought after his own guitar music.

He released 19 albums from 1970 through 2003.  He has been active writing
songs and seeking new paths in guitar music.

His first album in Germany was released in 1996, and had many concerts
throughout Europe while organizing concert tours for foreign acoustic
fingerstyle guitarists, such as Peter Finger, Jacques Stotzem, Preston Reed,
Ed Gerhard, Martin Simpson, Tim Sparks, Sandor Szabo, Franco Morone, and Don

In 2000, he became acquainted with Huang Chia-Wei who is not only a producer
but a well-known guitarist in Taiwan.  He had many concerts which were
organized by Chia-Wei with the university students, in order to aim at
exchange of the guitar music in the same Asian bloc.  At the same time,
Isato’s CDs and tab/music books are issued in Taiwan and many students
all over Taiwan are influenced by his guitar music.

In spring 2003, tab/music book for his album “Solar Wind” was published in
Taiwan.  In May, his concerts were held in several countries in Europe such
as Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy.

In summer 2004, Isato invited Muriel Anderson from the U.S.A. and did a
concert tour of 7 different venues all over Japan with her.


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