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Strongly influenced by the blues, (T-Bone Warker, Muddy Water, etc.) Hiroshi hata began performing guitar with amateur and professional groups as a student at the Osaka University of Fine Arts. After Exploring jazz styles of artists such as Charlie Christian, Lester Young, and Oscar Moore, as well as other musical genres, he developed his own beautifully emotive style of playing which established his reputation not only in Japan but also among musicians overseas
As Osaka’s delegate to the Japan Festival in Chicago in June 1988 ( Sponsored by the Japan American Society and the city of Chicago), Hata performed with Chicago-based musicians (Cy Touff , Bobby Lewis, etc.) winning critical acclaim.
In 1989 he appeared on the CD
Its Just a Dream as a member of the Shozo Okuda(Tp.) Quartet.
In March 1992, Hata’s performance of his original piece Yume enjoyed a favorable reception at arts festivals in New Zealand and Australia. He also appeared on Japan National Broadcast (NHK) television music program such as Thanks to the Night and Music is my Lover etc… During this period, he jammed with many well-known musicians from both Japan and the U.S. among them Lewis Nash(Dr.) and Peter Washington(B.), with whom he developed a special affinity.
In 1994 Hata’s group played the back for Frank Wess’s and Norman Simmons’s Osaka concert. He also appeared in radio broadcasts such as NHK Session ’97 NHK-FM Special Programming, and Jazz StudioLive.
During his trip to the U.S. in the fall of 1995, Hata sessioned with Tal Farlow(Gt.),
and in 1996 he performed in the Japan performances of Herb Ohta (Ukulele) and Kenny Washington(Dr.).
In the Spring of 1998, Hata made a long-awaited recording in New York with Lewis Nash and Peter Washington, fulfilling his aims for ideal jazz trio with guitar as lead. In “Introducing Hiroshi Hata”
Bliefly going through Hata’s recent works, Spring in 2000, he was invited to Guitar & Vocal concert sponsored by Honolulu Academy of Arts. He also had a session with KennyWashington(Drum).
Fall in 2001, Hata recorded the second CD featuring Lewis Nash(Drum), Ray Drummond(Bass)
Peter Washington(Bass).As the second CD “Door to Door” released in February of 2002, he had several of live performances appearing his new recording.
In Jun, Hata won the tenth of Osaka “Naniwa art festival” Jazz Award as jazz professional.
This year, he had sessiions featuring Benny Powell(Trombone) and T.K.Blue(Tener Sax).
November in 2005, Hata invited Lewis Nash(Drum) performing with in Osaka.
And February in 2006, Hata got a chance to have a session featuring Randy Johnston(Guitar).
The 3rd album “BLUES WALK!” were released.
His group played the back for Pinky Winters(Vo),Diane Hubka(Vo)

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