In 1993, A.M. Finaz switched from electric guitar to acoustic; and with singer Erriquez, he became the co-founder, co-writer and co- producer of Bandabardò. With this Tuscan band he has performed in the most prestigious music festivals and music halls of Italy, Canada, France, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Poland, Slovenia and Spain.
As of today, there are ten Bandabardò CDs; and since 2002, their albums have always placed in the Italian top ten charts, and also appear on the charts in Spain, France, Belgium, Germany and Japan.
Bandabardò has won many awards: Premio Recanati (1998); Premio Ciampi (1996, 2003 and 2010); Best CD at Mei of Faenza (1999, 2004, 2006); SIAE prize as author of the best artistic opera, “Ottavio” (2009).
In 2010 Finaz as solo artist won the “Trofeo In-Sound” award as best Italian acoustic guitarist, and also the Premio Tenco as producer of the CD “Ultima notte a Malastrana” by Peppe Voltarelli. In 2011 he won the international “Ombra della sera” prize in the musicians’ section.In 2016 won the MEI award as Best Italian Guitar player. In addition to his work with Bandabardò, Finaz has collaborated in studio and live with many other artists including Carmen Consoli, Daniele Silvestri, Max Gazzé, Michael Manring, Paola Turci, Dolcenera, Goran Bregovic, Piero Pelù, Petra Magoni, Modena City Ramblers, David Sylvian, C.S.I., Caparezza, Moni Ovadia, Franco Battiato, Daniele Sepe, Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio, Roy Paci, Stefano Bollani, Tonino Carotone, Patty Pravo, Stefano “Cisco” Bellotti, Casa del vento, Giobbe Covatta, Dario Fo, Franz di Cioccio, Tony Esposito, Folkabbestia, Peppe Voltarelli, Marco Calliari, Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd and Lou Reed producer) and so on…
He has been a guest on many national TV shows such as “Parla con me” (Rai 3), “Taratatà” (Rai 2), seven editions of the Primo Maggio concert in Rome (Rai 3), MTV Day, CD Live (Rai 2), MTV- Unplugged and Supersonic, Help and Roxy Bar (Tmc 2); and played on live Radio Rai programs such as “Diretta da via Asiago,” “Caterpillar,” and “Village.” Finaz worked in the Spanish TVE for two years with special one hour shows and was also a guest also on the French national radio show “Les fouls du roi” and several times he played live on RadioCanada.Finaz composed several movie soundtracks “Cuori al verde” by G. Piccioni with D.Silvestri, “Fuga dal call center”, the short film “Shooting” by G. Giannone, and the new G. Gagliardi film “Tatanka,” scripted by Roberto Saviano, “L’ Universale” by F.Micali.For theatre he composed for “L’uomo dal fiore in bocca” by Luigi Pirandello (with the “Avventura colorata” company), and “Un uomo è un uomo” by B. Brecht (produced by the teatro stabile dell’Antella).
In 2013 he is working with Krypton teathre group and with Erriquez has composed the soundtrack of ITIS GALILEO, the new Marco Paolini’s show (two years on italian stages and broadcasted on La7 television corp.).Finaz works also for several italian Advertising corporations as composer.In November 2012 Finaz released his first solo album GUITAR SOLO and in 2015 his GUITAREVOLUTION second album (released also in Canada and USA). With this new project he has played everywhere in Italy and abroad.
Most important events:
– Michael Hedges Tribute (Milan)
– Sarzana Acoustic Guitar Meeting (2013 and 2014) – Cremona exhibition 2016.
– Energetica Festival (Livorno)
– Medimex (Bari)
– Midem (Cannes, France)
– Giotto jazz Festival (Vicchio, Firenze)
– Mugello Music Festival
– Rassegna Solo (Roma, national auditorium)
– Pistoia Blues festival 2013 and 2016 editions.
– Franciacorta acoustic festival (Brescia)
– Francofolie Festival (Montreal, Canada)
– Earth Day, (Rome, Italy)
– Quebec National Theathre (Quebec city, Canada) – NAMM (Los Angeles, USA)
In 2015 was released his best seller Guitar method “L’uso degli effetti per la chitarra acustica” (book/dvd) edited by fingerpicking.net / Curci ed. and in 2016 his “Finaz-the best of” book of transcriptions of his solo best known stuff.In 2014 Egosonoro Ltd. released his FAD (Finaz acoustic distortion): this is a pedal effect especially designed and projected for acoustic guitars.In 2017 famous italian luthier designed and realized the Gemini Finaz signature model guitar for italian market.Finaz endorses Martin acustic Guitars, Cordoba classic guitar, La Bella Strings, Strymon and Egosonoro effects, Gemini Finaz signature by Bruno Bacci luthier and Markacoustic amplifiers.

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