Ernesto “Netico” Nunez

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Bassist, Producer, Musical Director and Educator currently at Dominican Republic.

Winner of the 2017 Miguel Bose Prodigy Scholarship of The Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation.

Studied Contemporary Writing & Production at Berkeley College Of Music in 2017.

Ernesto have played with several international musicians such as: Jesus Molina, Danny Rivera, Tony Vega, Redimi2, Willy Garcia(Son de Cali), Ray De La Paz, and Others.

Also played and recorded for several Dominican artist such as: Wilfrido Vargas, Wason Brazoban, Manny Cruz, Techy Fatule, Pavel Nunez, Gabriel Pagan, Maridalia Hernandez, Adalgisa Pantalón, Magic Juan, Tueska, Riccie Oriach, and others.

Performed at The NAMM Show 2019 with the first Dominican Project on the NAMM.

Bassist for several theater productions such as: Godspell, Hoy No me puedo Levantar, Casi Normales, Mariposas de Acero, Gordos El Musical, and others.

Musical director for projects such as: The Voice Dominicana (2020 and 2021), Mariposas de Acero The Musical, Tueska, Rochy RD, Genesis Cespedes, Luis Armando, ISA Escotto, Miguel Del Villar, and others.

Photo Credit: Efraín Cuello (814 Group)

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