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Corrado Rustici was born in Naples (Italy) into a very musical family.

His older brother Danilo was the founding member of the 70’s Rock band “Osanna”.

In 1973, at the age of 16, he formed the progressive-rock band “Cervello”.

After the release of Melos (Cervello’s only studio album), he moved to London, where he formed the Jazz-rock band “Nova”.

The band released 4 albums and in 1977, they moved to Los Angeles.

In 1979, Narada Michael Walden invited Corrado to join him in San Francisco to form a band and production team, which included (among others) Randy Jackson, David Sancious, Walter Afanasieff and Mark Russo.

The group went on to produce a great number of international hits for Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, George Michael, George Benson, Herbie Hancock and many others.

The experience propelled Corrado into discovering, developing and producing many of Italy’s biggest pop and rock stars, becoming one of the most successful producers in Italian history.

Corrado has been involved with some of the most successful albums made over the past 40 years.

As a producer he has also worked with:

Andrea Bocelli,

Clarence Clemmons,

Eric Clapton,

Jeff Beck,

Luciano Pavarotti,

Paul Young,

Jimmy Smith,

Johnny Lee Hooker,

Sheila E,

Sinead O’Connor,

Stevie Ray Vaughn,

Stewart Copeland,

Zucchero Fornaciari,

Luciano Ligabue,


Claudio Baglioni,

Francesco De Gregori,



As a musician he has also played with:

Aretha Franklin,

Allan Holdsworth,

Elton John,

George Benson,

George Michael,

Herbie Hancock,

Miles Davis,

Narada Michael Walden,

Phil Collins,

Steve Smith,

Whitney Houston,

Zakir Hussein.

He has released several album projects:

1) The Heartist (1995)

2) Deconstruction of a postmodern musician (which featured Allan Holdsworth, Steve Smith and Paul McCandless) (2006)

3) Blaze and Bloom – Live in Japan – (A trio featuring Corrado on guitar, Steve Smith on drums and Peter Vettese on keys) (2011)

4) Aham (2016)

5) Cervello Live in Tokyo 2017

6) For the beauty of this wicked world (2019)

He has developed an interactive/generative musical App, of which he owns the patent.

He has designed his signature guitar for DV Mark, which will be released later in 2020.

He is – at the moment – working on several productions and on his upcoming solo release.

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