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BOBBY COCHRAN, lead guitarist, singer, writer and producer, was influenced at an early age by his uncle EDDIE COCHRAN(SUMMERTIME BLUES). At thirteen he set his aim on becoming a master guitarist, and went on to work with many prominent groups, including STEPPENWOLF, THE FLYING BURRITO BROS., AND LEON RUSSELL.
He then joined forces with BOB WEIR (Grateful Dead), BILLY COBHAM (Mahavishnu Orchestra), ALPHONSO JOHNSON(Weather Report), KENNY GRADNEY (Little Feat) and DAVE GARLAND (Righteous Bros.) to form BOBBY AND THE MIDNITES. Available on Columbia and Arista records.

BOBBY’S writing and production work has encompassed motion pictures, videos, television and records. He recently produced The latest Adrian Legg albums,”FINGERS & THUMBS” (just released), and “WAITING FOR A DANCER.” “MRS. CROWE’S BLUE WALTZ“, and “GUITAR FOR MORTALS” which he also produced, each won “Best Acoustic Guitar Album of the Year” for their respective years, in Guitar Player Magazine. Adrian is an amazing guitarist.

Bobby has recently worked with “BURRITO DELUXE.” This All Star Band brings a unique musical heritage, combining the talents of “SNEAKY” PETE KLEINOW (FLYING BURRITO BROS.), GARTH HUDSON (THE BAND), JEFF “STICK” DAVIS (AMAZING RHYTHM ACES). These World Class Legends of Rock and Country, bring the very best of Americana Music to Audiences around the world.You can soon catch BOBBY with a new project Called ROCK – IT, featuring BILLY BREMNER (Dave Edmunds, Nick Lowe & Rockpile, The Refreshments), PETER BARON (Albert Lee & Hogan’s Heroes, Renaissance), BRIAN HODGSON (Albert Lee & Hogan’s Heroes,  Matchbox), and BOBBY COCHRAN.
In addition to his stage and studio work, Bobby has held guitar clinics in Europe, Japan and the U.S………and along the way he has helped design and develop the guitars and effects he uses.  

A veteran studio and concert musician, Bobby’s been compared to some of the greatest guitarists in the world, such as, Jimi Hendrix, Danny Gatton, Duane Allman, Albert lee, and Eric Clapton.  Cochran’s lead work has moved critics and peers to comment “…Exhilarating”….He’s one of the 12 best guitarists in the country”….”His playing glistens with spontaneity”….  “Brilliant!”…. “Blistering Rock and Roll!”….”World Class Blues!“….”Lyrical,… like a bird singing!” 

BOBBY is currently the musical director for the award winning “ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK SHOW“, and the “ROCK AND ROLL FOREVER SHOW” featuring BOBBY COCHRAN & THE RHYTHM ROCKERS.

Experience why the audiences of today prefer the warmth and involvement of live entertainment with BOBBY COCHRAN’S  THE ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK SHOW and the ROCK AND ROLL FOREVER SHOW, featuring BOBBY COCHRAN & THE RHYTHM ROCKERS.

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