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Anis Jouini was born in Tunisia, he was blessed to have encouraging parents who supported him to pursue his passion for music. At eleven years old they subscribed him to piano lessons where he discovered what is hidden behind a song, notes and measures. For Anis, it became natural to understand complicated musical details, and it was just the setup to match his ambitions. Then he realized a certain attraction to low bass tones, and that was the beginning of his love affair with bass guitars.

Anis enrolled at “The Conservatory Zeryeb for Contemporary and Classical Music”, the most reputed conservatory in Tunisia, but there were no bass guitar classes available at that time. Alternatively, Instructors advised him to pursue classical guitar lessons to capture the basics, and that’s exactly what he did for 5 years. Anis always saw himself as a bass player who would fully invest his time and resources towards learning the bass guitar playability, following every guitar magazine and learning from bass tabs and practicing with cover songs to bands he loves such as Metallica in addition to buying records to learn to play the bass like Anesthesia, Master of Puppets, and Justice for All, as well as many funk bass players like Victor Wooten, Larry Graham, Jaco Pastorius, Michel Hatzigeorgiou to name just a few of his inspirations. In 1999 he started performing professionally with his heavy progressive metal band Propaganda. In his dual role as composer and bass player, he performed at numerous concerts in Tunisia.

In 2006 Anis joined the Tunisian metal band Myrath, which was where his dreams of creating music and touring internationally with a world class band became a reality. Myrath is Tunisian Metal Band with Middle Eastern Influences. They have released three albums which have garnered both Myrath and Anis Jouini global attention, and acclaim their latest album “Legacy” is being realized as one of the best Metal albums of 2016 by fans and critics alike. Myrath tours extensively in Europe as well as in Japan, India, and USA at some of the world’s largest festivals.

In 2019 Myrath have done Shehili album , in 2020 Myrath live in Carthage and lately in 2024 they have done KARMA their 6th studio album which is a revelation and revolution in Their career.

Anis jouini had a large career as a bass player , he collaborated with several artists like , BONNIE TYLER , LANCE KING , MICHAEL DALUZ , NEVER LIGHT, ADRIAN BENEGAS , TALE OF WÖE , HOLLY TYGER and many others…

Anis jouini is also A well reputed sessions & studio bass player and try always to bring his touch to the music world.

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