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Andrea Braido was born in Trento in 1964 on June the 26th. His family, then, moved a few miles away to Pergine Valsugana where he lived for twenty years.
When he is just 4 years old he happily starts playing the drums, also thanks to an approving familiar environment that drives him positively until he plays semi-professionally in bands at the age of 10 for half a decade.
He then decides to take it seriously and graduates in music theory and solfeggio.
When he is 12 he learns both the guitar and the bass guitar, playing and listening to all music available.
As a mature musician, he definitely blooms at the age of 20 when he plays various jam sessions with famous jazz musicians between Boston and New York. When he returns to Italy, this experience and the enriched musical and cultural background allow him to get his first professional jobs playing all types of guitars, electric bass and drums.
During his career, he collaborated with a good number of distinguished musicians playing for both live and studio sessions:
Studio sessions and  Tours:
Nicolette Larson/Pierangelo Bertoli /Patti Pravo/Francesco Baccini/Vasco Rossi /Zucchero/Raf/Gatto Panceri /Eros Ramazzotti/Mina/Bruno Lauzi/Franz di Cioccio/Riccardo Fogli/Adriano Celentano/Ligabue Antonella Ruggero/Paola Turci/Enzo Iannacci/Angelo Branduardi/Laura Pausini/Frank Gambale /TM Stevens/Carl Palmer/ Marcus Miller and many others.
Jam-sessions :
Linley Marthe/Andrè Ceccarelli/Jean Paul Ceccarelli/Adrian Ferroud/Will Calhoun/Jean Marc  Jafet/Frank Tonto/Alain Cairon/Mathew Garrison/Lincoln Goines/Kim Plainfield/Bill O’Connell/Francis Lassus/Divinity Roxx/Terry Eliez  and others.
He played like guitar player in some tv shows with special guest like : Liza Minelli, Lenny Krawitz, Dionne Warwick,Lionel Richie ecc.

Overall, as a music professional he played in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, England, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, South America and the former USSR.

At present, many consider him one of the most talented and adaptable guitarists worldwide.


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