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Guitar is a means of expression for Andre Dinuth, born August 3rd . The Indonesian based guitarist went to study music formally at Pelita Harapan University Faculty of Music and also being taught by Ridho Hafiedz of the Indonesian rock group Slank being his first guitar teacher. Andre has worked both in the recording studio and live on stage with artists in the likes of Glenn Fredly,Sandhy Sondoro,Rio Febrian,Andi Rianto,Erwin Gutawa,Afgan,Rossa,Marcell,Trio Lestari,BCL, Tulus, Yura, also has worked with Singapore & Malaysian Artists in the likes of Siti Nurhaliza, Sheila Madjid, Anwar Zain, Hafiz,Jacklyn Victor, Hafiz, Fazura etc.
Andre Dinuth has released 2 instrumental solo albums ,”Andre Dinuth” (2014) “Here With You' (2016). He also produced,arranged,co-music director for artists in the likes of Glenn Fredly, Rossa, Rio Febrian and many more.

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