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In 2016, Aliya Cycon became the first female ‘oud player to graduate from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. A lifelong composer, pianist and singer, Cycon discovered the ‘oud while traveling in Palestine. Arabic music, which soon became her passion, has become the centerpiece of her music–original compositions that include jazz, cinematic, orchestral and even pop/rock influences. Her unique blend of styles and cultural bridging has earned her performances in New York City, Senegal, Beirut, Palestine, Jordan, London, Tunisia and at the Nobel Peace Award Ceremonies in Oslo, Norway. She often uses her music to make statements about social and political issues around the world. For example, her music video cover of the popular Christmas song “Carol of the Ouds” enabled her to raise over $5,000 for Syrian refugee children last year. Cycon has just released her second album, “PRAYER” which used over 25 musicians including a small orchestra and choir to create pieces that seek to “uplift and inspire all who listen,” and was largely inspired by the music of Yanni. She also recently conducted a 7-week tour in 7 countries where she promoted cultural diplomacy with her music.

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