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Alina Saito (born February 3rd, 2000) is a Japanese/Australian singer based in Tokyo. She started her career as an artist in 2018 and developed her raw, candlelight-like voice. 

Alina has released “Night Owl” in July 2020 with a music video. Her 1st EP “Made of You” was released in January 2021.

She also writes her own music. Her songs capture the vague, mellow sides of the world.

  • “Break Out” – Next Break corner navigator (2021~ TV Asahi)
  • “Disney 365” – Main MC (April 2015-March 2017, Disney Channel)
  • “Musica Piccolino”- Main character as Alina Monteverdi in a children’s music educational TV series (April 2013-December 2017, NHK E-television))
  • “Ama-chan” – as Veronica (GMT47 from Brazil)  a popular Japanese morning drama series (2013, NHK)
  • “Little Charo 3” – “Magical Journey : Little Charo in Tohoku ” voice-over for “Little Charo” (2012, HNK E-television)
  • “Little Charo 4” – “New York again” voice-over for “Little Charo” (2013 , NHK E-television)
  • “Tensai TV-kun MAX” – TV-senshi (April 2010 – March 2011, NHK E-television)

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