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News Posted: September 11, 2013



September 11, 2013


Newburgh, NY – As the innovators of today’s best-selling electric bass strings like Deep Talkin’ Bass Flat Wounds, Black Nylon Tape Wounds and the 0760M Original “1954” set, La Bella Strings is proud to introduce the latest achievement in bass strings: the Rx Series. Representing the culmination of months of R&D alongside La Bella Strings’ Inner Circle of Artists, the Rx Series has received acclaim from the best bass players in the world across all styles and genres of music.


Available in both Stainless Steel and Nickel-Plated Steel, the Rx Series has a unique round wound construction that ensures the best playability of any round wound electric bass set on the market. Wound on a hexagonal core to prevent buzzing and optimal intonation, the Rx Series is crafted with hard-temper wire from American wire mills. This extra attention to quality means that each and every player receives the highest-end Nickel-Plated and Stainless Steel on the market.


More flexible and lighter in tension compared to La Bella Strings’ current SN & M Series, players will find the Rx Series more comfortable to play on any style of bass. Side effects may include brighter sounding strings, incredible intonation and long-lasting playability. The Rx Series is just the remedy your bass has been calling for!


The Rx Series is available in both Stainless Steel & Nickel-Plated Steel, in 4, 5, and 6-String models. Each set is available in 4 different gauges (Model A, B, C, and D) for a total of 24 new sets, which means each and every player is bound to find the perfect set for his or her bass!


Visit www.LaBella.com/category/products/bass/rx-series/ for full information on all of the new 24 sets.


LaBella Bass RX-N4C         LaBella Bass RX-S5D

As with all La Bella bass sets, the entire Rx Series is Standard Long Scale and available in Short, Medium and Extra Long scales.


To purchase a set, please locate a La Bella dealer near you by visiting www.LaBella.com/dealers/ or the Rx Series product homepage at www.LaBella.com/category/products/bass/rx-series/

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