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Considered by the most prestigious critics as an ambassador of the authentic South American bass culture and one of the world’s most innovative, respected, influential & virtuoso bassists, granting him as being a “Pioneer of the 8-String Bass” (since 1999) & “One of the absolute Masters on the Extended Range Basses field”. Well known for not using any knobs or effect/volume pedals, relying only on his hands for all the sound variations. He created the MicRamp & The Revolutionary VST right hand technique and has performed solo concerts and Master Classes in Germany, UK, USA, Italy, Poland, Spain, Canada, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile & more, including Concert & Master Classes at the world’s most prestigious music schools as University of British Columbia, Berklee College of Music, Uniwerzytet Warminsko-Mazurski, The New York Collective, among others. He was the first South American bassist to be featured at the Bass Player Live (US biggest) and The London Bass Guitar Show (Europe’s biggest). Along his impressive career he has played and recorded with the biggest names in music industry, due to his vast experience on the ERB field and our vast experience in the string business we are proud to offer you now the first dedicated EXTENDED RANGE BASS STRING LINE ever developed and released by any major string brand.These Extended Range Bass sets are built on a hexagonal core, providing the highest level of consistency in sound quality. These sets are also perfectly balanced in tension, sound and feel to assure you the finest Extended Range Bass playing experience.

  • Light Set: .016 .025 .040 .060 .080 .100 .120
  • Made in the USA with American Wire

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