Our new showroom serves as La Bella’s New York City home base for artists who live, work and/or are passing through while on tour. La Bella’s entire string catalogue from electric guitar to international folk strings are available to players involved in the artist program.

The La Bella Showroom also serves as a workshop for master luthier Mas Hino, who builds all La Bella Olinto basses by hand. The space is divided into three sections: a boutique where select gear will be sold to the public; a repair shop open seven days a week; and a custom-build workshop where players can commission instruments built from scratch to their exact specification. Mas Hino NYC and Carbonetti Guitars will be heading sales in the boutique, repair department, and custom build shop.

The La Bella Showroom / The Guitar Shop NYC
225 34th Street, 2nd Floor
Brooklyn NY 11232

Located between 4th and 5th ave, take the D N R to 36th Street
Hours: Open 7 Days a Week from 1PM-7PM

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Please contact us with any questions:
Tel (845) 562-4400



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