7710T-BB White Nylon Tape Wound for Baby Bass


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With the new 7710T White Nylon Tape Wound Double Bass set, La Bella Strings takes a 30-year old tradition of nylon tape strings to a whole new level. The 7710T White Nylon Tape Wound Double Bass set is still ideal for jazz, capturing the rich tone of gut and sustain of steel, but without the headaches of gut and overly metallic sound of chrome. Unlike the 7710N Black Nylon Tape Wounds, the 7710T strings are wound with proprietary clear nylon tape formula, to create an even smoother-to-the-touch string with brighter tone and clarity than the 7710N Black Nylon Tape Wound set. This one-of-a-kind formulation and construction results in a string design ideal for jazz pizzicato, particularly solos.
  • White Nylon Tape Wound
  • Rope Core
  • Silk Length from Ball-End to Metal 6", Metal Wrap 48", Silk at Top 13" Core
    1. 711T-BB G .064
    2. 7712T-BB D .075
    3. 7713T-BB A .100
    4. 7714T-BB E .137
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Note: For arco playing, use a synthetic bow with rosin.

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