20P-12 Jazz Flats 12-String


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The original set design for electric guitar, the Flat Wound Stainless series are the first ribbon-wire wrapped strings. Developed in 1940 by La Bella, these strings are manufactured for all types of electric pick-ups. With a high magnetic content for increased electronic output, their smooth surface eliminates finger noise and string squeaks. Flat Wound Stainless sets have a very bright sound, a smooth feel and a long playing life. They are the first choice of many jazz, pop and country guitarists.
  • Stainless Steel Flat Wound
  • 12-String Set
  • String Gauges: .011p .011p, .014p .014p, .020w .009p, .028w .014p, .039w .019p, .052w .028w
  • Wound length of 36" (distance from ball-end to silk); only the silk portion should wrap around the tuning post or else you run the risk of breaking the string
  • Made in the USA with American Wire
  • Packaged using MAP Technology (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) to prevent tarnishing and ensure freshness

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